Australian Ants

No one can live in or visit Australia without having personal contact with ants. This site is the source for information on Australian ants. It provides information on these fascinating insects, details on their biology, identification and distribution, along with an introduction to the published literature. arrow Habitats – Ants are found everywhere, from coastal[…]
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Fruit Fly

Small flies with a reddish-brown body and red eyes. Queensland fruit fly has yellow markings on the body. Fruit fly is attracted to ripening and fermented fruits and vegetables. Fruit can be stung when they are just changing colour or later. The adult fly lays the eggs just under the fruit outer surface. This is[…]
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There are many types of caterpillars which are usually the larval (caterpillar or grub) stage of moths and butterflies,such as cabbage moth, cabbage white butterfly, potato moth or tomato moth. The moths lay their eggs on the underside of leaves. The larvae of caterpillars hatch from the eggs and then feed on the leaves or[…]
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Aphids are small, soft-bodied insects, which are usually 2 – 4 mm long. Aphids often cluster on young shoots and flower buds or underneath older leaves. There are many different species of aphids which vary in colour from green to yellow and black. Aphids attack fruit trees, roses, camellias, chrysanthemums other ornamentals and a wide[…]
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Disease Codes

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